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"Companies need to get started with Big Data, before the competitor catches up with them."

As a data scientist, it is my goal to solve the client’s problems by applying my knowledge, with Big Data as my specialty. More about Marijn...

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Blog by Leander van Dongen,
Directeur Aorta Business Intelligence

Aorta Business Intelligence from Waalwijk wins prestigious Oracle award


Aorta Business Intelligence from Waalwijk wins prestigious Oracle award

American software company Oracle awarded the Oracle Excellence Award ‘Business Analytics’ to Aorta Business Intelligence from Waalwijk. The multinational praised her partner for her trailblazing approach and the art to translate knowledge to practical uses.

Proudly did receive Leander van Dongen, CEO of Aorta, the award during the award ceremony at Club Nautique in Zandvoort. His company facilitates organizations such that they can start with their data easily and quickly.

Operate in a smarter way
Van Dongen happily reacts: ‘The appreciation of Oracle is a powerful impulse for our company. It bears out that we are on the right track. Organizations possesses data that offers many chances to improve their competitiveness. The team of Aorta helps organizations to ask the right questions and to find the correct application for the particular problem, in a accessible way. We give them insights to operate in a smarter way.’

Subscriptions versus investment
Besides the intelligent translation of complex implementations to customers, Aorta was praised for her unique ‘As-a-service’ concept. Aorta offers organizations a subscription to get phased started with their data, without huge investments in hard- and software. Because of this subscription, it is also possible for middle-big companies to make strategic choices based on their data.

The yearly Oracle Partner Awards are given to partners of Oracle who successfully contribute to their partner ecosystem, excel in knowledge and specialism and significantly add value for the customer.